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grabFIX Studio was founded in 2006 by a team of Kuala Lumpur mobile aplication developer and was officially incorporated in October 2007. grabFIX provides mobile application development for iOS and Android, frond end web design, digital media, mobile content, mobile video, children illustration, games character design, multimedia production, marketing video, digital signage and eLearning.

“We also provide ICT training in Kuala Lumpur on how to create a mobile app for both iOS and Android app development just by using Photoshop 5. This course is open for student in higher education institute and anyone who doesn't have any programming knowledge can learn.”

Email us at hello@grabfixstudio.com for more information. We can conduct a workshop at a minimum from 5 pax to 10pax.


  • The most branded indie startup in media industry ever exist

    David Lo, 1 Brand

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  • The multi-talented team

    Aaron Lee, iSentric


Amin Creative Director
The most visionary man behind the team that create brand value for a product to engage and grow intrinsically. He is also an ICT trainer specializing in multimedia & mobile.
Ryzall Product Brand Innovation
Our product innovation must have a story to tell so that it keeps on living in the universe. Responsible for 360 degree of product's roadmap.
Fahimi Animation Director
We animate the story based on music narration. We see things with ears to bring the mood to life. Its a sing along animate concept we bring in.


Our services are branded & personalized

iPhone apps development in Kuala Lumpur

Marketing Video

We make your product more presentable in a video format that really sizzling your customer with the call to action behaviour. Thus, your product is able to deliver a video press release that gets viral easily. With that in mind, we use illustration, graphic & animation to explain your product's pipeline clearly & consciously. Request us a quote at hello@grabfixstudio.com

Android apps development in Kuala Lumpur

2D Animation

We do a short animation that focus on short form format which is below 2 minutes. We are a 2D specialist that utilised Flash & After Effect to create the final outcome. We clasify our service for iPad app usage , mobile games & a web series.

Kuala Lumpur Mobile Application Developer

Mobile Application Development

We help customer to create a business app for event, food, real estate and hotel industries. Besides, we also do an entertaiment app, music app, book/comic app & mini games as our product. We are targeted for both iOS , Android platform. We are also extending our service to Kindle for book app such as picture book and web apps.

event apps


We have a collective of design roadmap which are for print such as greeting card, wedding card, pocket money, t-shirt, logo for any sort of industries, character design for games & animation, UI design for iOS, Andorid & web apps. Our main forte in design is character design that focus on visual narration for mobile games.

hotel booking app

Online Marketing

We also help customer by promoting customer's brand or products/services through an online campaign using Facebook, Mobile Apps Install, mobile ads network such Google Adsence, Buzzcity, Smaato, InMobi & Millennial Media. We also provide SEO ranking traking for your mobile application.

restaurant booking app


Brand can create an intrinsic value in a long run. We help you to create brand identitiy from scracth that nurturing customer's prodcut/services in an engaging & appealing way that promised long tail value chain.

Marketing Video

What is KLTCC?
"Video explainer for a book publisher company. Developed 100% in Adobe After Effect. more
Snippet of KLTCC 2015
Developed 100% in Adobe After Effect. more



They like to grab and fix at the same time no matter what the situation is. Its good for you to grab a big opportunity but don’t even try to FIX things that you don’t really know or even try to grab things that is unreachable.

Level 32, Menara Prestige,
No.1, Jln Pinang, Kuala Lumpur, 50450 Malaysia.

E-mail: hello@grabfixstudio.com